The Wise Mother - By Dr.B.S.Patil

Atiha lived happily with her mother and two sisters. Poverty had taught them the boon of sharing. Mother was a centrifugal force like sun and kept the sisters together. As poverty began to teach advanced and tougher lessons, sisters kept forgetting earlier lesson, one being ‘boon of sharing’.
Mother after days of hard work, fetched a jar of milk from a milkmaid. She kept the jar in the kitchen and left to freshen up. Berha the youngest, picked the jar and was trying to hide it in the backyard. Kriya the other sister saw and raised alarm as she was upset about losing milk to Berha. The fight gained third angle when Atiha joined the fight and made a claim for the same milk.
Atiha said authoritatively, “I being eldest, my interest is first and best” she put full stop to the argument by saying, “nobody will have it”.
Berha countered, “I saw it first, I will take it, let anything happen today”.
Kriya not to be left behind, showing least interest in ‘rights’ and ‘evidence’ said, “I will have it, I will use my whole might to get it”. All these were heard like an opening statement for a discussion. Then the chaos broke out. Exchange of dialogue led to exchange of abuses and finally exchange of blows.
Before the fight turned into ugly fight, mother dawned into the scene and held them back. She took possession of the jar and inquired, “What happened, we are having milk after so many days, let all of us enjoy”.
Atiah, Kriya and Berha, unequivocally expressed displeasure, mother being wise mother, asked Atiah, “You tell me, why you are so adamant?”
Atiah sobbingly said, “I need it, because I want it for “keto-diet”, the fat in the milk will help in losing these flabs”. She was looking at her waist with disgust.
Wise mother looked at Kriya, understanding the purpose, Kriya said, “I am getting my friends in the morning. I want to give them nice tea treat”. She looked dejected, mother knew, how badly she needs that tea treat, she has been getting treats from her friends, this was the only chance to give treat.
Before Kriya could complete her sentence, Berha said, I am suffering from body heat; I am getting boils in mouth and eyes are burning. I want it badly; I cannot sustain it any more”. Her face showed a unique confidence. The confidence was based on her legitimate claim and extra love and care which she enjoyed from mother.
After hearing all three, mother just walked into kitchen with the jar. Three sisters continued to argue. Their emotions were under control, may be because of understanding each other’s requirements. But discussion showed the belief that, mother will decide in their favour.
Inside the kitchen, mother boiled the milk, skimmed the fat out and grinded it to make butter and buttermilk. Remaining milk she kept aside.
She called all sisters and said, “Here is butter for your diet” and handed over small bowl with butter. Atiha looked pleased and ran with butter for further experimentation.
Mother looked at Berha, she looked pleased as mother took her interest as priority. Mother said, “Berha take care of your health, eat well and regularly. Take this buttermilk; it will save you from present uneasiness”.
Kriya sobbed uncontrollably. Mother gave her a container with milk. Kriya happily hugged mother and continued sobbing, this time out of excitement.
Mother said, “I know how important this is treat for you. Here you take these coins, get some biscuits and cookies for the treat”. Kriya ran to the nearby shop with a great grin on her face.
Mother sighed with great relief. She looked around at all three who were busy with their own life.
Wise mother stood up as if, she has to get ready for another day which is not just a day but another battle thrown at her by life. 
Negotiation principle:
The first important point to be learnt is the change in the nature of the argument when all three sisters understood each others’ needs. This is an important lesson that, merely making demand does not suffice; there is a need to justify the demand. Interest needs to be expressed clearly.
Secondly, wise mother spent ample time in understanding each daughter’s requirements. This gave her clarity in chalking out future path therefore,
 “Before negotiating, search for interest of each party, these interests shows the path to be chosen”

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