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From EKAKSH PRADESH to EKAKSH SAROVAR - The Saga Continues… By Dr. M.R.K Prasad

People lived in Ekaksh Pradesh happily.After Ekaksh agreed to their terms, they remained in a celebration mood for quite a while. The story of how the mighty Ekaksh was tamed had become a national folk lore in many languages and also turned into plays.All felt that at last there is peace in Ekaksh Pradesh and the resultant prosperity too.Time kept rolling. Months and years went by.Nevertheless, I cannot say they lived happily ever after as in a fairy tale.
The next generation in Ekaksha Pradesh had their own troubles and turmoil. The population grew and so the need for food too was felt alarmingly.Quite considerable proportion of the food produce had been spent on Ekaksh.However it was worth it, as for years, there was not a threat to Ekaksha Pradesh from any external force.And slowly as the fear of an attack from outside faded out of their memory, the people started feeling the burden of maintaining Ekaksh. The situation further deteriorated when the monsoon failed.
Food became insuf…

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