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Twin Sisters by Dr.B.S.Patil

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters Mihika and Shika. Being twins, they shared the same looks, fairness, physique and intelligence. The whole village believed that choosing one over the other was the toughest job in the world.
Mihika and Shika were in their teens, and their fame spread all over the province. Slowly, the boys from distant and near villages started visiting them, with the hope of marrying one of them. One major problem faced by all the grooms was, to choose one over the other. When they were equal in all aspects, choosing one over the other was almost impossible. Some smart grooms showed willingness to marry any one of them, but Mihika and Shika preferred to hold back their opinion till the boys made up their mind. Smart tactics of smart grooms fell flat on the floor.
This ‘too good factor’ remained a problem for the twins and they remained unmarried for almost two years, yet they insisted that they would express their choice only when grooms express their choice.

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