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Happy Birthday - By Dr.B.S.Patil

Month of August began and brought the ‘Tension of the Month’. It’s no ordinary birthday. It’s special, not because it comes only once in a year, but because it does not affect age of the person; my beloved wife. She is yet one or two years to reach 30 (but that is not the tension I am talking about). It was something which is very obvious.
Like every year, I initiated my research on birthday gift. Her demand is always simple. It should be unique, must make her happy, and should not be costly. This time, I changed my approach towards the research. I took a short cut. I went straight to my wife and asked, “Dear, what do you want for this birthday?” This question (no matter what the answer is) had a unique impact, just like; the keto-diet has on the weight of the person. I felt light at heart, feathery weight on legs and victorious smile on face. But all those feelings were short lived.
She gave a very obedient answer which looked simple and I had a doubt that it was readymade, “As you wis…

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